RSI has served the world’s most prominent producers of prepared foods and beverages and leaders in the culinary, food service, beverage and nutraceutical industries with creative flavor delivery systems. Many of the most widely recognized consumer brands have benefited from our expertise.

Coffee flavor RS-270270 (MOKA)Milk flavor A1080614
Coffee flavor 217781Milk flavor RS-101270-2
Coffee flavor 217781MPandan leaves flavor RS  – 090970
Coffee flavor RS-00132Halzenut flavor
Coffee flavor RS-909589Jasmine flavor
Coffee flavor RS -00189RUM flavor
Condensed milk flavor RS-10127Coconut flavor 308
Condensed milk flavor RS-101270Coconut flavor 608
Savoury Flavor
Meat powderGinger flavor
Chicken powderOnion flavor
Beef powderOcimum flavor
Pork powderMushroom flavor
Vegetarian pork flavorFried onion flavor
Vegetarian charred meat flavorSesame flavor
Smoke flavorShrimp flavor
Soy sauce flavorLobster flavor
Fish sauce flavorCrab flavor
Gingseng flavorTuna flavor
Honey butter flavorCheese flavor
Butter flavorOyster flavor
Egg flavorSeafood flavor
Garlic flavorCulantro flavor
Sweet Flavor
Ethyl MaltolCoffee flavor
VanillinArabica coffee flavor
Ethyl VanillnRobusta coffee flavor
Milk flavorPandan leaves flavor
Condensed milkJasmin flavor
Chocolate flavorWalnut flavor
Sugar flavorPeanuts flavor
Vanilla flavorTea flavor
Pineapple flavorOolong tea flavor
Strawberry flavorMilk flavor
Mango flavorCola flavor
Coconut flavorYogurt flavor
Peach flavorWatermelon flavor
Banana flavorSoursop flavor
Pomegranate flavorGingseng flavor
Durian flavorGree tea flavor
Lychee flavorCooling flavor
Black peper powderGarlic powder
White pepper powderGinger powder
Cinanmon powderOnion powder
Chilly powderStar anise powder