Caramel is considered one of the oldest dyes in the food industry. Although it is a classic method, with its versatility and color stability, caramel still holds its place in most food products today.

As the exclusive Vietnam distributor of Sethness, one of the largest caramel manufacturers in the US, Redsun is able to provide you with the best quality caramel coloring at a reasonable price.

Caramel colors are divided into four different groups, depending on the food catalysts used in the manufacturing process:

Class 1: Untreated class (caramel color 150a)
Class II : Sulfite treatment group (caramel color 150b)
Class III : Ammonium treatment group (caramel color 150c)
Class IV : Sulfite and ammonium treatment group (caramel color 150d)

There are 2 main types of caramel color, powder form and liquid form, depending on each product, we will help customers to choose the most suitable and economical caramel color products.

Each group has its own unique characteristics and benefits, giving you many options in formulating food and beverage products. All of our caramel products are compliant with food safety standards and regulations.



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